Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lucie sent packing back to her small village in Wales

Well it was what so many fans had been waiting for, the demise of the Jedward Twins. Or so they thought on last nights X-Factor result show.

After weeks of professing to hate Jedward, Simon Cowell might have been expected to take his chance to send them home.

But instead a shock result saw Welsh teen Lucie Jones leave The X Factor competition after facing the twins in the bottom two.

Cowell, who has openly blasted John and Edward Grimes every week, had the choice of saving talented singer Lucie or sending the decision back to the public vote.

So it back to her Little Wesh village for Lucie, only for a while though as having got so far in the show it almost certain things are ever going to be the same again for her.

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