Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lucie Jones "Simon Cowell has done me a favour"

In an interview with Radio 1 Newsbeat, Lucie said: "No one ever knows why Simon Cowell does what Simon Cowell does, but he does it for the good of his show and the good of the acts that are in the show so maybe he's done me a favour, I don't know."

On her reception post X-Factor, she said: "It's a bit crazy. I never thought that anything to do with me would cause so much uproar but I'm pleased that people liked me and I'm glad that I stayed for that long."

In another interview Lucie claimed Simon Cowell didn't "get" her.

She said "I just wanted him to get it. Even right at the end, I don't think he got me. In the future, I just want to keep singing. I don't really mind what I'm doing, whether it be a recording artist, or musical theatre, or a concert singer."

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